Keep Pushing Forward

Many successful coaches and speakers are out there charging thousands of dollars and giving valuable information about using your potential, making money and becoming successful. The fact is, the underlying theme is to take action. You can start now and create an online business (most of you already have) and then improve your site over time. You can go ahead and create a web page about your product, add some testimonials, add a payment gateway, create an autoresponder and pay for your pay-per-click ads and you're in the game. Better to start now than improve as you go along. The effort you put in for a day or two (for me it's much longer, I have to be honest) will bring in repeated profits and it's the best way to leverage your time. Sorry to bore you if you're more experienced and have heard all the pep talk before.

The principle I want to talk about is the Kaizen principle. It's the Japanese term for continuous improvement of something, beginning with one aspect, then another and another so that bit by bit the system improves and in time becomes far superior to when it started. It began in the late 80s and early nineties when a Japanese business wanted to dominate their market and applied the principle to existing automobile and technology products. Pretty soon many Japanese businesses that adopted the principle had dominated their industries in a competitive foreign market.

If you put up a website and continued to make changes and implements the new tricks you learn and were able to improve it by 5% a week, within a year, it would be 13 times as good. Remarkable isn't it? If your changes didn't have any effect or had a poor effect you could undo them and with continued effort, you can build yourself a massive empire in a short period of time

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